Enlightened Canines training focuses on creating a solid foundation of proper behavior for the family dog. We take a behavioral approach when working with your dogs. We believe that creating a strong foundation and understanding a dog's instinctual needs and drives will help you better communicate with your dog(s) resulting in a harmonious relationship. To see these results, our training programs are designed for the humans to make a commitment and be involved with implementing the training skills learned. If you're interested in any of our training programs, please fill out our training questionnaire, so we learn what will best serve yours and your dogs needs.







Group training classes are one of our most popular 

programs. All breeds are welcome and these classes 

are geared towards dogs 4 months and up. We also

welcome dog reactive dogs in our group classes. 

What better way for your dog to learn how to 

socialize from a distance and learn how to be 

controlled in a public setting. We teach you how to

control your dog for maximum real life training scenarios. 

This way you will feel confident and know what to do, if your dog should act out. This is not just any typical basic obedience class. This is a group class that focuses on building foundational skills, helping with impulse control, real life obedience training with distractions with behavior modifications.

A balanced dog is a happy dog with more freedoms and more interactions. Our ideal client is someone who wants to become part of our training family! We don't want someone to just sign up to take a class. We want a client who is committed and wants to make a difference in their dog's behavior. We are very passionate about training and want you to be too! 


The Basics (5 weeks/$150)*Our most popular program!

*Introduction to positive and negative reward markers

*Introduction to leash pressure and how to use it


*Heeling with Automatic sit

*Sit at a distance


*Leave it

*Come/Come to heel




*Q&A after classes to discuss and demo behavioral problems. To sign up for a group class, please fill out our training questionnaire.



Intermediate Obedience Class (5 weeks/$150) *includes a 15’ long line leash

Pre-requisite is graduating from our Basic Obedience Class.

All cues will be done on a 15' long line. 

*Heel with/Automatic Sit

*Sit from a Distance

*Down from a distance

*Come/Come to heel with distractions

*Sit-Stay for 15 minutes

*Down-Stay 15 minutes

*Place from a distance.

*Meet in public space for graduation and pack walk.

Email: to sign up! Our next intermediate class starts on April 7th at 3pm in Riverside. 

We serve the following locations: Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Perris, Nuevo, Moreno Valley, Corona and Riverside. Anything out of our location, we are happy to do on a case by case basis, depending on our availability.

See a program you like? Fill out our dog training questionnaire, so we learn more about you and your dog training goals! You can also check us out on Facebook at: Thank you!