Board & Train

Here at Enlightened Canines we offer board & train on a case by case basis as we limit the amount of dogs that come into our program to give the best possible training and services. We are a family run business and every dog that comes into our board & train program becomes part of our family and pack. 

We first acclimate the dog to our environment and get them used to our pack and other humans/animals in the household. Our first priority is to keep everyone safe, so we do utilize an umbilical leash program and also utilize crates and kennels.


Dogs in our Board & Train program will learn:

*Heeling with automatic sit in public and with distractions

*20-30 minute down-stay

*Crate Training. How to go in & out on command

*Door Manners; threshold training, waiting at doors

*30' Recall on command and in public with distractions

*Obedience in public

*Not jumping on guests

*Socializing with/around other dogs 

*On leash reactivity

*Go to Place

*Behavior Modification for aggression issues. (Case by Case)

*Daily walks and mental/physical stimulation

*Free group classes for refreshers for the life of your dog

*2 in-home lessons

*Complimentary Bath & Nail trim before return

Total Cost for Board and Train: $2,400. for 4 weeks/30 days

Additional days at $80 per day.

Why 4 weeks? It takes many repetitions and consistencies for a dog to learn new associations. When board and train only lasts 2 weeks, a lot of times, dogs will revert back to old behavior patterns. We find that 4 weeks really helps us set up new behaviors that lasts and makes an impact.  For dogs needing intensive work for aggression issues, that includes biting, we highly recommend 5-8 weeks, depending on the dog as an individual.

Board & Train spots go fast, so please reserve your spot today! If interested in reserving a spot for board and train, please contact Angela Morin at or Todd Curtis at or fill out our training questionnaire.